Churches Together: 'Theological Reflection'

I’ve just read the Churches Together in England’s Review of 2016. Although it takes up four A4 sides of text, it says remarkably little, apart from some interesting initiatives combatting modern slavery and some odd-sounding member organisations, such as the ‘Unification Council of Cherubim and Seraphim Churches (Europe Chapter)’.

One paragraph continues to baffle me:

Theological Reflection.Theological reflection is fundamental and woven into all we do. All our courses and events include Bible Study or theological reflection and all that we do grows out of theological reflection’.

The next paragraph says the organisation is ‘re-thinking how the churches can engage together in theological reflection’.

I’m guessing ‘theological reflection’ must be pretty important to this organisation. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure what the phrase really means. The grammatical conjunction or is used to designate ‘theological reflection’ as an alternative to studying the Bible.

I know which one I find useful.