Death of Martin McGuinness

As a natural unionist and active protestant, I am not in a position to write a fair-minded reflection on the death of Martin McGuinness. A former IRA commander, he led death squads responsible for the murder of many people. He never, as far as I can tell, repented of these actions and he remained a hero to those who gloried in them. Truly, his victims’ blood cries out to God from the ground. In later life, however, he was deemed a suitable colleague by the great Dr Paisley whose son today told the BBC that a man should be judged by the end of his life, not the start. No doubt, Ulster is a safer, quieter place today because of McGuiness’ contribution. But can the latter atone for the former? No. Only Christ can do this. There’s little evidence that he was a saved man, though who can gainsay what his soul whispered to God in those fleeting last moments. Truly,

‘The vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus a pardon receives’.