God Bless the Lancashire Fire Authority

“Yipee, it’s April!” say the companies and organisations that send us our bills. It means prices are going up.

Barnoldswick Town Council- up a whopping 9.7%.

Lancashire County Council- 2%.

Pendle Borough Council- 2%.

Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner- 2%.

Royal Mail- a penny on 1st and 2nd class, a five-pence on small parcels.

Utility Warehouse (Electricity) 15.001 pence per kWh, up from 13.573.

Sky landline rental: from £17.40/month to £18.99/month

Vodafone- 3.2%

All these fat little mice and nibbling away at our pockets. Little wonder some folk can barely cope.

The only one to live within its means is the Lancashire Fire Authority, who asked for an increase of zero. Good for them. They’re also probably the most effective at fulfilling their particular function. When my car was vandalised, the police barely bothered. The County Council neglects the potholes in Pendle’s roads. But if my house catches fire, the fire brigade will be there within minutes.

God bless them.