Peak Cavern: the Devil's Posterior

I visited Peak Cavern this year, situated in Derbyshire. It's a huge underground space which burrows down into the mountains. It was given its current name when Queen Victoria visited in 1880. It was thought that its original name was not suitable for so delicate a lady: The Devil's Arse. There are a number of caverns in this area, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to enter the Devil's Arse and come out again. Said William Camden in 1586: 
...there is a cave or hole within the ground called, saving your reverence, The Devils Arse, that gapeth with a wide mouth and hath in it many turnings and retyring roomes, wherein, for sooth, Gervase of Tilbury, whether for want of knowing the truth, or upon a delight hee had in fabling, hath written that a Shepheard saw a verie wide and large Country with riverets and brookes running here and there through it, and huge pooles of dead and standing waters. Notwithstanding, by reason of these and such like fables, this Hole is reckoned for one of the wonders of England...
Inside, one of the passages is called Pluto's (the Roman Hades, god of the underworld) Dining Room and the underground stream is called the Styx, the river ancient Greeks believed bordered the realm of the dead. Its name really comes from the cavern's creating a flatulent-sounding noise when its floodwaters drain away.
The idea that the devil lives in hell is a relic of ancient Green religion. Hades, god of the underworld, dwelt there on his throne with pitchfork in hand. Hades (the place) was under the earth, which is why the good medieval folk of Derbyshire believed their cavern may have been one of its entrances. The Bible is clear: Satan will one day reside in hell; until then, he's on the earth with us.