Smashing the Commandments Part 2

According to Patheos, the religious discussion platform, the nut-job who drove his car into the Ten Commandments monument was in fact a Christian. Sure enough, I’ve looked at his Facebook page, and there is a picture of him with the caption ‘saved by His grace’ and various crosses. Evidently, he agreed with the secularists that church and state must be strictly separated in every way; smashing public monuments was his patriotic duty.

Do not Christians themselves seek to smash the ten commandments to prove they live under grace? Derek Tidball’s mid-nineties book Who are the Evangelicals, related an account of trendy charismatics making a point of buying ice creams on Sunday to demonstrate, to other Christians, presumably, their freedom in Christ. How many use the old chestnut ‘we’re not under law but grace’ to justify breaking God’s moral law?

Christ’s work upon the cross paid our penalty for breaking the law. He lived the perfect law-abiding life on our behalf. This is not so we might arrogantly transgress God’s law under a veneer of theological license, but that we might better keep it as His redeemed and chosen people.

I cannot therefore retract yesterday’s blog post. This man is still a very apt picture of the human race in general, and the misinformed elect in particular.