Why I Don't Fear Muslims

This summer, after an ISIS sympathiser attacked a Catholic church in France, churches in Britain were warned by police to be on alert. Adel Kermiche, one of the two French teenagers who killed the church's priest told a friend two months previously: ‘I’m going to do a church.’

Martin Top, although surrounded by lovely countryside and situated over a mile from even the nearest village, is not invulnerable. To our south and east lay Nelson, Burnley, Accrington and Blackburn, all places known for their thriving Muslim populations. It would only take between fifteen and thirty minutes to drive to us on a Sunday morning, and set about a similarly bloody business.

Yet I have little fear of such an attack. The obvious reason of course is that the Lord can protect His people; their trust is in Him, not the local police. Another sound spiritual reason is that death for the Christian is in fact the greatest blessing available in this life; it is the means by which they ‘go to be with Christ, which is better by far’.

True those these reasons are, they do not alone inspire the confidence with which I opened my previous paragraph. No, one major reason that I do not fear an attack from Muslims is that Muslims are no threat. We must not associate the word Muslim with the armed thugs called ISIS, nor with the plane-crashers of Al Qaeda. The ordinary Muslim who lives in Accrington or Burnley would never dream of supporting or endorsing such groups. I have no doubt that Islam has its fair share of crack-pots and nut-jobs, but then so do all religions and faiths. There are so called evangelical Christians who are so wacky and weird I’d not let them enter our pulpit. No, the average Muslim is a decent enough man or woman who lives peaceably and quietly in a desire to please their deity.

I do not say this as some cosy theological liberal, glibly assuring everyone that all paths lead to God. There are ways that seem right to men that in fact lead to death. If Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians or atheists are to enter paradise, it will be through God’s undeserved kindness through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, not the performance of rituals and good deeds, nor matter how sincerely performed.

Notwithstanding my assertion that only through Jesus can salvation be given, for no other Name is given to men by which they must be saved, I still do not fear Muslims. By human standards, they’re predominantly good folk in Britain who offer no threat to Christians.