Dannie’s Testimony

Having been in a church since the age of twelve and calling myself a Christian, I knew no other way. But after meeting my husband and learning of the “born again” Christian I wanted to explore this idea further. I began to attend Worston Fellowship on a Sunday night. After seeking and asking questions, I went home one night and prayed to Father. I prayed 'Lord, if you are real, I will believe, I have nothing to lose'. I have never looked back. Some people call this blind faith.

Since becoming a ‘born again’ believer, a lot has changed in my life. God has helped me, answered prayers, healed me and made changes from within me. I affirmed my faith outwardly by being baptised, submerged under water (27/6/12). I was baptised and chose the hymns I am a New Creation and As the Deer Pants for the Water.

My favourite scripture is Matthew 6: 25-34 beginning ‘Do not worry’, and this scripture has been a huge part of my faith journey. So I try to ‘not worry’ as the Lord even protects the grass and the birds – yet I am so much more important than this, in God’s eyes!

After marrying my husband, I became more hungry for the Word, hungry to know God more. I now attend Martin Top church (Since May 2015). From attending this church I have learnt what a church is, the importance of fellowship and the joy in praising our Lord together. I’ve even praised God with my hands in the air to the song See what a Morning!

There’s more to God, to Jesus, to my faith than just religion. For those of you unconverted, unconvinced – Give God a chance, what have you to lose?

Dannie, along with her husband Jake, is responsible for the church's youth work.