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As a natural unionist and active Protestant, I am not in a position to write a fair-minded reflection on the death of Martin McGuinness. As a former IRA commander, he led death squads responsible for the murder of many people. He never, as far as I can tell, repented of these actions and he remained a hero to those who gloried in them. Truly, his victims’ blood cries out to God from the ground. In later life, however, he was deemed a suitable colleague by the great Dr Paisley whose son today told the BBC that a man should be judged by the end of his life, not the start.

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The official, correct answer of course is a ‘no’. Church-going doesn’t save us and therefore is unnecessary for salvation. Fine. Yet I’m starting to change my mind; I’m beginning to think that those Christians who don’t attend church may not make the final river-crossing. Here’s why I’m holding to this evangelical heresy:

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When I drive, I carefully observe the speed limit. I seldom drive below it, and never above it. I frequently have behind me other drivers who wish to travel at excessive speed. They're usually, but not exclusively men, driving BMWs of a black or white hue. Unless the location allows for overtaking, my own speed forces them to observe the law. They don't wish to, but my actions make them better drivers.
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Produced by Ligonier with the Christian Institute: Looks rather good.

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This afternoon I attended a luncheon hosted by the Queen's Vice Chamberlain of the Household, a junior government minister whose job is to be the monarch's link with the House of Commons. His role involves weekly audiences with the Queen, not unlike the Prime Minister, and he will often accompany her on special occasions. One of the job's more curious responsibilities is being held hostage. That's right, each May when Her Majesty rides to the House of Lords to open Parliament, the Vice Chamberlain remains at Buckingham Palace as a hostage until she returns.
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This BBC programme tracks a number of people accused of benefit fraud. Some successfully applied for disability benefits, claiming they were house-bound yet were filmed enjoying the local golf course; others had multiple aliases and addresses enabling them to claim extra housing benefit. One such woman over-claimed £250,000, buying designer handbags by the dozen and enjoying exotic holidays.
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