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Posted 1 day 48 min ago

Someone has handed me a copy of Fresh from the Word. Produced by the International Bible Reading Association, it celebrates 135 years of their work, and offers ‘three months of daily study notes on a variety of themes’. It’s an organisation about which I know little, though I note its founder, Charles Waters, died in 1910 and was an evangelical baptist minister. By the time of his death, a million people were reading the scriptures around the world, following its programme.

Posted 1 day 16 hours ago

There is one old photograph in the family album that always makes me smile.  Two children and a bike, reminding me of the fun we had and the love we shared, and still share.


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Posted 3 days 6 hours ago

I have now received election leaflets from all candidates of the main three parties standing in my constituency. This blog is not the place to support any party in particular, nor to criticise unduly. But I offer my thoughts on each one’s grandiose promises and claims.

Posted 3 days 21 hours ago

Posted 5 days 13 hours ago

I have just finished reading a book entitled ‘Hunting the Nazi Bomb’.  Written by Damien Lewis, it tells ‘the riveting story of how Churchill's secret warriors waged a brutal war in the shadows, to stop Hitler from building an atom bomb’.  Riveting it certainly was; far more gripping than any work of fiction.  It recounts the amazing exploits of the Special Operations Executive in sabotaging the Vemork heavy water facility in Nazi-occupied Norway, thus hindering German scientists in their efforts to split the atom and unleash a nuclear holocaust on the world - ‘Totaler Krieg’ (Total War) a

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Posted 6 days 6 hours ago

Personality types are so fascinating! I ruminate often about this and find myself trying to interpret people and myself with very mixed success!

I think it's safe to say that opposites tend to attract, don't you think? Generally speaking, the protective are drawn to the vulnerable; introvert to extrovert; impulsive to rather more cautious, confident to shy, etc.  Gender has little to do with it - increasingly so in the prevailing culture.  Having said that, I think that when two similar personalities come together there is considerable potential for disharmony!

Posted 6 days 23 hours ago