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Two major religious buildings caught fire yesterday- Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral and Solomon’s Stables in Jerusalem, otherwise known as the Marwani Prayer Room, located under the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount. Regardless of my being a trinitarian Protestant, I take no pleasure from seeing others’ places of worship burn. Christian churches are being burnt down every day and I would be disappointed to see others rejoice at the sight. Nevertheless, I am minded that these two fires anticipate the day seen by the apostle Peter in his second letter (3:10):

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I had the privilege to listen to Dr Dan Strange this week at Word Alive. He took a session each day expounding key gospel doctrines, including the work of Christ on the cross. He helped fill gaps in my knowledge and addressed the controversial rift between evangelicals and the pseudo-atonement espoused by some.

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At the start of this year, archaeologists in Mexico made an important discovery, uncovering a temple to Xipe Tótec - the ‘Flayed lord’- complete with statues and other artwork. A right hand was hanging by his left arm on one of his statues, symbolising the skin of a sacrificed person hanging over him. It is thought that priests would flay victims and then wear their skins over to invoke the god’s pleasure.

"Sculpturally it is a very beautiful piece," said the leading archaeologist, Noemi Castillo, in her excited press release.

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“How dextrously do they avail themselves of any plausible plea for introducing some week-day employment into the Sunday, whilst they have not the same propensity to introduce any of the Sunday’s peculiar employment into the rest of the week.”

-William Wilberforce