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Prince Alexander Nevsky, thirteenth-century Russian ruler, replied to ambassadors from the Pope:

“Our doctrines are those preached by the apostles.  We carefully keep the traditions of the holy fathers and of the seven ecumenical councils. As for your words, we do not listen to them, and we do not want your doctrine.”

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Though Troubles Assail

Though troubles assail,
And dangers affright;
Though friends should all fail
And foes all unite –
Yet one thing secures us,
Whatever betide:
The Scripture assures us,
“The Lord will provide.”

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Take the Name of Jesus

Take the Name of Jesus with you,
Child of sorrow and of woe,
It will joy and comfort give you;
Take it then, where’er you go.

Precious Name, O how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heav’n.
Precious Name, O how sweet!
Hope of earth and joy of Heav’n.

Take the Name of Jesus ever,
As a shield from every snare;
If temptations round you gather,
Breathe that holy Name in prayer.

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I like my football on a Saturday;

Roast beef on Sundays, all right.

I go to Blackpool for my holidays,

Sit in the open sunlight.


This is my street, and I'm never gonna leave it;

And I'm always gonna to stay here,

If I live to be ninety-nine.

'Cause all the people I meet,

Seem to come from my street,

And I can't get away.


-The Kinks, Autumn Almanac (1967)

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The Head that once was Crowned

The head that once was crowned with thorns
Is crowned with glory now:
A royal diadem adorns
The mighty Victor’s brow.

The highest place that heaven affords
Is His, is His by right,
The King of kings, and Lord of lords,
And heaven’s eternal Light;

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Some Yorkshire Dales villages – though not, I’m glad to say, the one I live in – have been very unwelcoming recently. Signs saying “Do you need to be here?” or “No entry. This village is closed” testify to the fear of many local people. Even when the sign looks pretty...

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A Debtor to Mercy

A debtor to mercy alone,
Of covenant mercy I sing:
Nor fear, with God’s righteousness on,
My person and off’ring to bring.
The terrors of law and of God
With me can have nothing to do;
My Saviour’s obedience and blood
Hide all my transgressions from view.