Advice for Pastors: Part 1

At a recent gathering, I was speaking to a young man I know who has been called to a pastorate. He asked me for some general advice. I was taken aback, somewhat. Thus far I've been one seeking advice rather than dispensing it. I had little to offer him, but I have since considered the question. I shall offer the odd snippet on this blog over the coming weeks and months. Bear in mind, please, that I was an elder of another church for four years, so my experiences are not drawn from Salem alone; current members must not read too much into them!

1) When someone threatens to leave the church, accept their offer and rejoice. It will save you the trouble of praying them out later on. 
2) Find a pastor, leader or wiser, older believer in whom you can confide. They should belong to another church to ensure their objectivity. 
3) Meet with your deacons to ask their advice and draw upon their counsel. Several times, their collective wisdom has helped me discern the right path which I was unable to see otherwise. 
4) Look for fruit, but don't assume you are the reaper. The Lord of the Harvest will manage His workforce as He sees fit. 
5) Leave your church every month or so; minister and be ministered to elsewhere. This will broaden your vision, and develop the ministries of your members in your absence. Remember, the Lord might remove you at any time: could the church function without you?