Barnstaple Calling

The news is currently a depressing diet of war, terrorism and moral decline. There was, however, a story today that has caused many to smile, even though it begins with a woman calling the police to report an incident. She was based in Barnstaple, Devon, and used an electronic device to phone the local constabulary. Instead of reaching Devon and Cornwall Police, she was put through to the Barnstaple Police Department in Massachusetts, USA. A rather comical exchange follows until the mistake is realised:

We've all dialled the wrong number, quickly apologised and hung up. Every phone line in the world has its own unique collection of digits which can be contacted from other phones; mistakes are bound to happen. My mother tells me that, as a toddler, I'd randomly telephoned an American man in what would have been the middle of his night. 
Polytheists (people who believe in many gods) must sometimes be perplexed as to which god to contact. The grain god? The rain god? Or the chief god? if for example, I'm concerned about a poor harvest. Believers in the one God of the Bible have no such difficulty. Though heaven is far away, He hears every prayer, in every language, about every topic. He might not always answer, and He certainly doesn't grant every request like some obedient servant or employee, but He always hears. 
Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me. 
Psalm 50:15