The Beacon Church, Blackburn

The Beacon is the new name for what was the Elim Pentecostal Church in Blackburn. Over ten years ago, I cut my teeth there as a church leader. Elected to the eldership in 2005, I commenced a regular preaching ministry. I dealt with some challenging pastoral problems for which I was well supported and I learned much. I was mentored by Robert Clarke, an Elim minister of many years, who was well known for the soundness of his doctrine and moderation of his pentecostalism. Although Robert and I see little of each other these days, I’m still in touch with the church’s current pastor, the wonderfully named Simon Pastorello. The church is now very different to how it was in ‘my day’; he has his own vision and goals, including the recent change of name. Blackburn is a needy town in many respects. That it now has a Beacon is fitting indeed. 
I first found the church in 2003. I was searching for a fellowship and had prayed much. I had not been driving long, and found myself lost in Blackburn in the dark. I pulled up at a set of traffic lights, and there it was, next to me. I resolved to try it, which I did. I had asked a Pentecostal colleague what she knew of it. “Oh, it’s a bit old fashioned there”, she sniffed. That sounded like the right place for me! Back then it still sang Redemption hymns, which was literally music to my ears. 
It’s now led by a new generation, with new ideas and new methods. I wish it well, and pray God’s blessing upon it.