Chapel Outing to Towneley Hall

Yesterday, we had a pleasant outing to Towneley Hall at Burnley. Although I've been a number of times and quite recently, our guided tour reached those parts of the house that previous visits had passed by. For example, we were taken up into the attics wherein the male servants slept which now houses their embarrassingly large collection of taxidermy, and the underground passageways wherein they transported the hot dishes to the dining rooms. Our guide was not always rigidly accurate in his recollection of kings, battles and centuries, but his knowledge of how well-known phrases came about, and the implements of the Victorian kitchen, was second to none. 
I did ask him why the Cromwell portrait had been removed from the Long Gallery to which he just replied it was 'in storage'. I made a mental note to follow this up. All in all, we had a great day.