Christmas Fear to Christmas Cheer

Many evangelical Christians feel a little discomfort at Christmas. Its origins are clearly pagan and its timing does not coincide with Christ’s incarnation. To many of the puritans, it’s very name evoked the Roman Catholicism they so much feared. Today, it’s an excuse for greed, materialism and revelry. So why don't we just abandon it?

At our chapel this week, Christmas has been a real opportunity to witness to the gospel. Hundreds of leaflets have been delivered and our carol service had a number of visitors, including people from the village who hadn’t been to us before. We went a-carolling around the hamlets on Wednesday, raising over £200 for charity and meeting the local citizenry. It has also been an opportunity on a personal level to reflect upon that great Christian truth: that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. 
At this dark, gloomy time of year, we recall that we who walked in darkness, living in the shadow of death, have seen a great Light. 
Have a happy Christmas.