CMFI Teaching Day

CMFI held their annual northern teaching day at Salem today. Jason Wright from Lincolnshire spoke on how the different philosophical trends since the Enlightenment diverted humanity from God's Word. Moral absolutes have been discarded, to be replaced by a godless relativism.

After lunch, Ian Huxham from Devon preached on the account of Isaac opening up Abraham's wells that the Philistines had blocked up. Although the herdsmen of Gerah kept objecting to his access to the water, they eventually submitted to Isaac's claim. Today's herdsmen (compromised pastors and church leaders) object to our preaching the truth, but will one day confess their error. 
CMFI exists to support pastors and churches which find themselves caught between the two extremes of dilution (liberal watering down of the scriptures) and pollution (excessive charismania). 
Ian Huxham and Paul Sherbird