Dark States: Heroine Traders

Louis Theroux does it again. Another hard-hitting documentary series exposing evil and corruption, this time America’s drug problem. 

In 1 Timothy 1:10, Paul lists evil behaviours, including kidnapping or slave trading, depending on the translation. We might think that such things are rare In the Western world. In fact, drug dealing is this evil’s latest form. One woman interviewed by Theroux said how her boyfriend supplied her with heroine. Knowing she was entirely dependent on him, he would hit her and even tell her that he owned her. Drug dealers are modern day slave traders and kidnappers. Robbing people of their freedom, their livelihoods, their potentials; they are buyers and sellers of human flesh. 
America has a big drugs problem and so does Great Britain. Dealers in narcotics and slaves will be judged by God Almighty for the untold suffering they inflict.