Earthquake in Rome

I was in Rome this week when an earthquake struck. Its epicentre was in fact 140 miles away but the 6.6 magnitude shocks were felt all around. The Colosseum sustained minor damage and the San Paulo basilica (pictured) has a large crack in its frontage. 

I was in my hotel at the time, just before breakfast. The building must have swayed to and fro for about fifteen seconds; tables moved around and the floor felt like jelly. The staff ran outside and a few guests got a little upset. Every car alarm seemed to be wailing. 
The thing that struck me was the sheer power inside the earth. The tectonic plates on which Italy sits are moving at a rate of 3cm a year and this creates faults through which the tension is released. Even after the quake, I was awoken in the night and heard lots of car alarms starting off- another quake I don't doubt. 
The creation is groaning as it awaits the sons of God to be revealed; seismic activity will continue until the Creator once more restores order and righteousness to this rebellious planet. In the meantime, we pray and help those who are directly affected by these happenings.