Election Fever: 2015

David Cameron’s Conservatives defeated the odds and gained a majority of seats in Parliament. Within twenty four hours, the Liberal and Labour leaders had resigned, and the UKIP leader implied that he would.

Conservatives, presumably, are happy with the result, and other parties’ supporters are not. I often hear Christians say they are disappointed with governments for their lack of Christianity or even morality. But should this come as a surprise? The Psalmist writes:

 ‘Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.’ (146:3)

No doubt, God uses governments to restrain evil and maintain order. But if you vote for one expecting social transformation or a return to happier times, you’ll end up hurt. Governments are made up of men, and men are wicked. Of Jesus though, Isaiah prophesied ‘and the government will be upon His shoulders’. When Jesus returns in power and glory, we’ll have good, nay, perfect government. Until then- do not trust in princes.