Fear of the Trump

I try not to harbour opinions about other nation's election candidates. I can't vote for them, so being opinionated is a waste of energy. Yet I'm finding it very hard to ignore Donald Trump. I think he'd enjoy hearing me say that. But the more I see of him the less I like. There is of course a tradition in Britain of people on the left sneering about American Republican candidates. The Guardian even attempted to join the campaign against George W Bush, which spectacularly backfired. My concerns about Trump however, do not stem from this direction. Rather, I'm concerned about his religion and his anger. 

Why should I hold his religion against him? Well I don't. I don't mind who governs countries, so long as they're just and unwilling to hinder the gospel. A Muslim, an atheist, an Anglican- all rulers are God's viceroys and are tasked with punishing evil-doers. So what's Trump's religion? He claims to be an evangelical Christian. I cannot help but wonder though if this is a cunning and cynical election ploy. There are many millions of Christians in America who yearn for a fellow believer to inhabit the White House. When a reporter asked him for his favourite Bible verse, he stuttered and stumbled, saying 'they're all good'. Of course that's true, but he came across as phoney. 
Secondly, why is the man always cross? He's always feeding on, and creating, the anger of Americans. He angrily claimed that Obama founded ISIS. Eh? Leaders are allowed to get angry. It's sometimes a pity that they aren't angrier more often at the ills of society. But not all the time! His supporters seem to be resentful and hostile. This election will be ugly. 
I'm not a great fan of Hillary Clinton either, to be honest; I'm not a natural Democrat. I'm therefore pleased that, as a subject of Her Britannic Majesty, I am not required to cast my vote and pick between them. As a country heading away from the EU, however, we may end up closer to America than we've ever been before. Interesting times lie ahead, and excitable premillennialists are going to be given lots of interesting material to chew.