Fire 17 Conference

‘This weekend will be LIFE CHANGING!’ Wow. Capitals and in bold. 

Quick. Get down to London. American evangelist and host, Daniel Kolenda, is leading the Fire Conference 2017 tonight, organised by Christ for all Nations 

The advertising boasts that ‘millions of people have received the fullness of the Holy Spirit at CfaN’s Fire Conferences’, all for only £40 (plus a £2.41 fee). If the fullness of the Holy Spirit could really be obtained so cheaply, this would be a bargain indeed. But what about students with no income? They receive a five pounds discount and twenty pence reduction to their fee. It’s reassuring to know that even those with limited incomes need not miss the Holy Spirit’s fullness. 

But another powerful argument is employed to persuade the undecided to pay up and attend:

‘Please don't miss an incredible opportunity for God to minister powerfully into YOUR life! Get tickets TODAY to ensure that you have YOUR seat!’

Well it would certainly be churlish to miss an appointment with God who’s waiting for me down in London. Speaker Todd White asks if we’re “ready to burn?” He goes on to say that attendees will “be ignited with gifts and sent out as human torches to set Europe on fire”. Perhaps they’ll be giving Islamic terrorists a run for their money.

If you want more of the Holy Spirit in your life, and to enjoy His presence and fullness, go somewhere quiet, get on your knees and ask Him. He’ll not disappoint. Suffice to say, I’ll not be attending the Fire Conference.