Friday Light: God's Not Dead 2

15 of us enjoyed a Chinese takeaway at chapel last night before watching the film God’s Not Dead 2. We’d watched the first film around New Year, and I think this one was better. It’s essentially a court room drama during which an American high school teacher is prosecuted for discussing Jesus with her class, albeit by answering a question. It gives an insight into the mind of North American evangelicalism; the Christian community that made this film clearly feels under siege. In a sub-story not particularly linked to the trial, the town’s pastors were legally required to submit all their sermons for inspection to the state attorney, which will presumably provide the basis for the plot of part 3.

On a personal, spiritual level, the film was a real encouragement for us to make a stand for our faith, even when colleagues and neighbours are hostile. Our world values ‘diversity and tolerance’ but offers loathing to evangelical Christians. In one scene, Grace, the teacher on trial, confesses to her aged grandfather (played by Pat Boone) that God feels a million miles away. He replies that, as an educator herself, she ought to know that the teacher is always silent during the test. A knock at the door reveals a group of attractive young people singing Great is Thy Faithfulness