Gamelands Stone Circle

On my recent foray into Westmoreland, I stopped off at the Gamelands Stone Circle near Orton. There are many stone circles in Britain and many of them located in Cumbria. Of course the most famous example is Wiltshire's Stonehenge, but we still don't know why they were built. Were they for pagan worship? Annual community parties? Primitive parliaments? No-one knows and never shall. One thing we can deduce is that they must have been very important to those ancient Britons that they'd go to such trouble to erect them. The Gamelands stones were toppled in the 1860s to assist with ploughing, and the southern stones have disappeared. 

 Archaeological digs at the site have found artefacts dating from around 1800-1400BC. In other words, these stones were set in place sometime between the death of Joseph and the death of Moses. They therefore date from the time covered by the final chapters of Genesis and the Exodus. While God was delivering the sons of Shem, the sons of Japheth were arranging rocks.