God Save the Queen

Today at chapel, we prayed for Her Majesty the Queen whose ninetieth birthday is this week. Scripture invites us pray for those in authority. Our Queen is a constitutional monarch. This means our Head of State is not also head of government, like the American President. The Prime Minister has the power, but the monarch is a figure head. It took two civil wars to achieve this; I'm sure Oliver and his puritans would be satisfied.  

So apart from obeying scripture, why pray for a Queen who has little power? Well, she is a fine example of public service and duty. She is not ashamed of her Christian Faith in an increasingly secular nation. To quote the title of a recent Bible Society publication, she is the servant queen who serves the King. May God save the Queen, and give her many more years.
The photo I took on Wednesday at Lancaster Priory. It is a picture of the pulpit, atop which is a Bible mounted by a crown. It symbolises the English reformation which established the Anglican Church under a Protestant monarch. It sounds good, but didn't always work out. It is, however, a fitting testament to Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and sixteen Commonwealth realms and territories.