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At my place of work we have on display some incredibly ugly plants. They were placed there by the former headmaster and I have taken it upon myself to water them in his absence. They are twisted and unkempt and their big fat leaves grow little spikes that they might better prick unwary passers-by.

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Posted 2 days 18 hours ago

I visited St James’ Church yard, Clapham, this week. I’m something of an oddball as I enjoy looking at grave stones. Occasionally, I find a gem:

Posted 3 days 8 hours ago

I was privileged last weekend to visit Blacko Tower. It sits on private property, but the landowner had kindly agreed to let me see it, and offered the added bonus of going up it. The OS describes it as Stansfield Tower, named after the gentleman who built it in 1890. In 1950, an inscription was placed in its wall, and refers to Psalm 127:1:

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Posted 6 days 9 hours ago

Tonight, several of us from Salem joined with the Lord's people at Holden Chapel, near Bolton by Bowland. It's good to share fellowship with the saints, especially over roasted meats and sweet puddings. 

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Posted 1 week 11 hours ago

I was recently informed by a local pastor that Christ would not return in our lifetimes. Intrigued, I asked why not. He said that the prophecies had not all been fulfilled. This may be so, but my lifetime might well extend beyond his and I think we should expect the Day sooner rather than later.

In our Bible Study last week, we considered the passage from Luke 17 in which the Lord Jesus says: