Guatamala Resists Sailing Abortionists

Dutch abortionists have recently landed at Guatamala by boat offering to remove unborn babies from the wombs of Guatemalan women. The country's law forbids it except when the mother's life is in danger, which seems pretty sensible to me. The leader of the Dutch and American abortionists said 
"We respect religious beliefs but this [abortion] is a fundamental right in a democracy,"
1 I'd have thought the right to life rather more fundamental than the right to abort.
2 this particular democracy has elected a government which forbids abortion. These women are therefore seeking to undermine that democracy by flouting its laws.
I appreciate that illegal abortions will take place if legal ones are unavailable and that women seeking abortions are often in dire straits. Yet I commend the government of this nation for resisting this invasion of so-called liberal ideas.