House of Commons Hypocrisy and the First Transgender MP?

The House of Commons would appear to have a disproportionately high population of dirty old men. Leering eyes and wandering hands seem to be the norm in some quarters. And yet isn't this the place that lectures the rest of us when it comes to equality?

Forty-five gay, lesbian or bi-sexual MPs were elected on this year – six more than in the previous parliament. Being gay in parliament is now a badge of honour. I can foresee a situation soon when MPs will come out as gay, even when they’re not, just to be promoted, or to receive cross-party admiration. Nigel Evans is certainly basking in the LGBTQ+ light.

The only problem is, it’s all getting rather passé; mainstream, even. Any bright young thing seeking political preferment can no longer count on this label for that sudden promotion. No, I’m expecting our first transgender MP soon. When the first one stands up in the Commons, bravely sharing his/her experiences, oh how they will glow with pride when Members from across the political divide stand up in turn to congratulate them.

Personally, I don’t very much care to whom an MP is physically attracted. I want him or her to get on with the job of representing me in Parliament. This never-ending race to signal the greatest equalities-virtue in the Commons is nauseating- and boring. Still, I do hope, for the sake of male and female researchers and junior staff at Westminster, that these powerful, hypocritical men learn to keep their fingers to themselves.