The Ides of Caesar

Today is the Ides of March, the day upon which Julius Caesar was assassinated. He was one of the greatest men in history. He conquered Gaul for Rome as well as invading our own island in 55BC. From a relatively humble background he became Rome's greatest citizen, being darling of both the army and the plebs. All future emperors took his name as their title, as did later German and Russian rulers ('Kaiser' and 'Tsar/Czar' respectively). 
Caesar was murdered by his fellow senators who felt his increasing power was tempting him to become dictator. They were probably correct, yet his death triggered a civil war which resulted in the establishment of a four hundred year tyranny- the emperors, starting with his nephew, Augustus. So there he died, stabbed multiple times in the senate, the very doors of which (pictured) are now at St John Lateran, in Rome. 
There's many a man from humble parentage who achieved greatness, being the subject of conversation centuries after his passing. But we serve one who was singularly great from the beginning, yet assumed the nature of a servant. Many today ignore Him, yet shall He be the focus of all eternity.