J.C. Ryle, Jeweller.

I was bought a copy of John Ryle's Holiness for Christmas. It's a book I already possess and of which I have dipped in and out. Having acquired another copy, however, I thought it not fanciful to think providence would have me properly read it. 

Like most preachers, I started turning over page corners upon reading some gem which might be used in some future sermon. Unfortunately, I had underestimated Ryle's skill as a jeweller, and soon noticed that every page had a turned corner, and sometimes a double-turned corner as some wonderful point had been made on both sides of the page. 

What a book! And what a man. 'Tis a pity (for us) that he's now up in glory; would that we had a Ryle or two here below, that is, one than can proclaim plain gospel truth in so simple and honest a manner. 

I do recommend this book to anyone. As one might expect, it is still very much in print.