Justine Greening and her Transgender Obsession

This Conservative government is unfit for office. While the pygmies of the cabinet squabble and argue over Brexit, Justine Greening, the Education Secretary, is pushing through proposals to remove the need for medical qualification for people to change their legal gender. Her aim is to ‘streamline the process, make it easier, demedicalise it and make it less intrusive’. There are moves to make gender ‘non-binary’; this weekend, there have been calls by British campaigners at the UN, backed by the British Medical Association, for the expression “pregnant people” to replace “pregnant women” so that it does not exclude trans or intersex men.

Is our country the dumbest in the world?? I acknowledge that a small minority of individuals are born in the wrong bodies- I’ve seen the evidence, and it seems genuine to me. But that a government should presuppose that all people, including young children, should have the automatic right to shift from one gender to the other, is farcical. No, it’s worse. It’s another attempt by mankind (may I use that term?) to alter and demean God’s established order.

According to the Guardian, between April and September this year, 1,302 children – 50 a week – were referred to the Tavistock and Portman NHS trust gender identity development service. They included 82 children under 10, among them two four-year-olds.

Are the Tories attempting to win the youth vote by showing how liberal they are? Are they still seeking to detox their ‘nasty party’ image by showing how kind they are to tiny minorities? A part of me hopes that this government falls, and Justine Greening goes with it. Her majority fell from 10,180 to 1,554 at the last election. 800 sensible Conservative voters in her constituency can rid us of this minister.

Peter Robertson, minister of St Peter’s Free Church, in Dundee, writes to Greening, here: