Locked Out

This evening, I did something foolish. I left the house, shut the door and checked I had my keys. Did you spot it? That's right, the order was wrong. The door locked behind me and I could not get back in. I was locked out.
Thankfully, I had given a set of keys to Christian neighbours of mine who happened to be in and were happy to assist. Thank God! Because I was able to trust them with access to everything I have, they were able to help me. Had I been so cautious and not trusted anyone, I'd still be sitting on the doorstep. 
John Fawcett, Baptist pastor at Hebden Bridge, wrote

We share our mutual woes, 
our mutual burdens bear, 
and often for each other flows 
the sympathizing tear. 

When we are called to part, 
it gives us inward pain; 
but we shall still be joined in heart, 
and hope to meet again. 

Christian fellowship is more than just singing the same songs. It's about trusting each other with the keys to our treasures that we might better serve each other.