Louise Casey, the Intolerance Tsar

Apparently I’m at odds with my nation’s values because I wasn’t a supporter of same-sex marriage. Dame Louise Casey, dubbed the Equalities Tsar, recently said it is “it is not okay for Catholic schools to be homophobic and anti-gay marriage. That is not okay either — it is not how we bring children up in this country”. She also says that people should be allowed to live the lives they want to, but must not “condemn others for living differently”. Does that mean we cannot have opinions? Edward Leigh, the Conservative MP tweeted in response:  ‘Equalities czar says we "can't condemn others for living differently" then condemns Catholics for living differently’. Like most modern liberals who preach ‘tolerance’, she is incredibly intolerant of people who disagree with her.

My views on marriage have been reflected in British legislation and values for millennia. The law was changed for 2014 and three years later we are now ‘un-British’ for not keeping up.

Who is this awful woman? She’s certainly never had to face the ballot box; she’s an unelected official who can afford to risk insulting the electorate since she will never have to face them. In 1999, she blamed The Big Issue and soup runs for exacerbating homelessness, much to the annoyance of homeless people. According to The Guardian newspaper, while speaking at a private Home Office function in 2005, she said that ministers would perform better if they were "pissed" and "doing things sober is no way to get things done". She went on: ‘There is an obsession with evidence-based policy. If No 10 says bloody evidence-based policy to me one more time I'll deck them one and probably get unemployed.”

My, what a classy lady. And she now presumes to lecture Christians for being un-British.