Marianne Weeping for her Children, Preparing the Way for him

I cried tonight hearing the news on the radio. Eighty people in Nice killed, fifty more hovering between life and death, and another one hundred and fifty injured. All to satisfy one man's cruelty. 

On my way home from visiting some church folk, I learn there's some kind of armed coup happening in Turkey. Although the BBC is understandably sketchy, this could be a challenge to democracy in this important country, bridging east and west. 
All this following on the heels of Britain's decision to withdraw from the EU. 
Terror, disorder, economic instability. The world will soon be crying out for a leader to unite it and bring us all together. A leader who will unite the faiths and end terror, whose calming words will sooth the markets and end all discord. 
He's coming. And so is He.