Market Harborough Congregational Church

I attended a training day at Market Harborough Congregational Church on Saturday. I don’t know that part of the country, but I was very much impressed by both town and church. The former is very historic and pretty, the kind of the place one might see on English postcards. The Congregational Church seems to be prospering. It is the driving force behind the town’s food bank (yes, like Clitheroe, the wealthy exterior conceals hidden corners of poverty) and it is engaged in a number of outreaches. 

It has a wonderful suite of buildings on the high street, including a fine Victorian sanctuary, with gallery and huge organ. Next door are meeting rooms and a huge Sunday School hall. The church can trace its origins to 1662, when Thomas Lowry of Market Harborough and Matthew Clarke of Narborough were ejected from the Church of England, becoming ‘protestant dissenters’. 

I pray God’s blessing upon this fellowship as it seeks to proclaim Christ to the week-heeled folk of Leicestershire. Its website is here: