My Stalker and the Coming Winter

I have a stalker. At first, I observed him from the corner of my eye. He silently watches me, hiding in the bushes. Last week he grew bolder, showing himself in broad daylight. As his confidence grows, he comes closer. I don’t feel threatened by him; and his fear of me seems to be decreasing, too. I am of course talking about my local robin. When I’m out in the garden, he stands within a couple of feet of me. I’m tempted to see if I can feed him from my hand, but that will take time.

I’m not going to pretend that he wishes to be my friend, or he likes the smell of my Brut aftershave. Rather, he comes to be fed. As I dig the soil and lift plant pots in preparation for winter, he gorges on the juicy worms and bugs that come to light. When the human comes out, food is found. Mr Robin knows that winter is coming, and he needs to fatten up.

I would advise any readers to learn the lesson of the robin. Spend what time you have now feeding and growing; a spiritual winter is coming. Indeed, some would say it is already come.