In the NHS, the Rich get Richer

The NHS is facing a funding crisis; every day, it seems, we see and hear reports of pressured staff and patients waiting in corridors for overdue treatment. Yet 628 NHS managers, including related organisations earn six-figure salaries.
The Daily Telegraph reports:

...The Chief Inspector of Hospitals Prof Sir Mike Richards, paid around £240,000, said the health service was standing on a “burning platform”.

And last year Jim Mackey, who earns between £215,000 and £220,000 as head of another watchdog, NHS Improvement, spoke of how he believed there was “a door open” at the Treasury , saying the NHS needed to “get our case together” to get more funds.

Our Prime Minster, whose responsibilities far outweigh anything that these characters have to face, earns a 'mere' 149k. If the NHS has to save money, I would suggest cutting the salaries of top managers. Put the money in the wards and operating theatres, employ nurses and doctors, invest in social care. Lining the pockets of desk-bound executives does little to persuade Her Majesty's Treasury that the NHS should receive more money. 
Even in our not-for-profit health service, the old adage that 'the rich get richer' remains true.