Nigel Evans MP and the Equality Oath

Many chapel folk were disturbed to learn of suggestions from people close to government that it is considering a requirement that all public office holders swear an oath to uphold British values. The driving force behind this is Dame Louise Casey, an intolerant individual with a dubious past record. She evidently despises religious people who hold to conservative values. 

I am proud to be British and I support values such as tolerance. I will not, however, redefine my definition of marriage just because the government decided to change its own in 2014.

On behalf of the chapel, I wrote to the MP for Ribble Valley, Nigel Evans. His reply arrived today. Unfortunately, it would seem that he favours such an oath although he will oppose it if it challenges religious freedom. Of course, Louise Casey and the Intolerance Brigade will outsmart our MP's benevolent naivety. The oath would not prevent the holding of religious views but it would prevent socially conservative people from holding public office. Clever.