Northern Men's Convention at St Andrew's, with Mike Reeves

I’ve just come back from the Northern Men’s Convention held at St Andrew’s Church, Leyland. It cost £15 which I thought rather a lot as I withdrew it from the ATM; by the time I was leaving the convention, I reckoned it the best fifteen pounds I’d spent this year.

Professor Michael Reeves gave three talks throughout the day. He is President of the Union School of Theology at Oxford. Far from being some dry academic, he proved to be one of the best preachers I’ve ever heard. I found myself doing two things I have secretly sneered at others for doing: taking notes and wishing to buy a CD of the messages.

He preached on the Reformation and living by faith alone, living in Christ alone and living for the glory of God alone. What a treasure store was opened to us today! Hearing around 300-400 men singing God’s praises at the tops of their voices was a sound for sore ears. Truly, this is a great annual event and I wish more to come next year. Sadly, the venue was full to capacity, and I understand some people were turned away at the door.

St Andrew’s was a good choice of location with its proximity to Leyland’s eateries, free parking and easy motorway access. The chancel is medieval and some of the old glass has been restored in certain windows in the nave. The tower probably dates to when Luther was a lad, so it was fitting that we spent time today hearing of his contribution to our gospel understanding.

I pray God’s blessing upon this church.