Paying Tribute to Christian Ethics

The National Secular Society is upset because Buckfast Abbey in Devon has an income of nearly £9 million. It enjoys charitable status, though most of the money comes from the monks' endeavours in the brewing realm. I'm a fan of neither monks nor ale, but the secularists' tedious crusade against any and all religious groups would have me leap to their defence. According to the local press website,, the Society has 'now called on the Charity Commission to remove the charitable status. Society vice president Alistair McBay said: "The monks should be setting an example as a religious organisation but the opposite is happening. "The question needs to be asked 'Are they serving God or Mamon?"

It's interesting that Mr McBay finds himself indirectly saluting Christianity's ethical ideals. Without realising it, he pays homage to the teachings of the One whom he doubtless despises.