Philemon's House at Bomber Camp

Paul's letter to Philemon was addressed also to the 'church that met at his home' (Philemon 1:1). Presumably, he had a large home to accomodate the church, though we cannot of course tell how large a church it was. He may have lived in a villa or a large Roman townhouse. Like all wealthy Romans he had slaves and servants who would have been reckoned as part of his household along with his heirs and family.

House churches are therefore biblical though they require fellowships to be small or householders to be wealthy. It is therefore practical to have dedicated premises for worship- by meeting on neutral ground we are not beholden to a wealthy householder who can withdraw his offer of hospitality.

Below are some photos I took of 'Bomber Camp', the locals' name for an earthwork 2 miles from the chapel, which is likely to be that of a second-century Roman villa. Perhaps early Christians met there, as they did at Philemon's house.