Police Helicopter over Barnoldswick

The photo above is apparently lacking a subject, and was taken from my attic window last week. On closer examination, you might see a star. In fact, it’s a police helicopter, hovering over Barnoldswick one evening. It swayed to and fro, casting down the powerful beam of its searchlight. After a while, it fastened onto its target, before suddenly extinguishing the light and zooming to the south. Doubtless, its mission was accomplished; the suspect located, apprehended and arrested. He may have thought he could hide in an outhouse or shed, invisible to officers on the ground. He was not, however, able to hide from the huge night-eye that was in the sky above him.

When we sin or break human law, we often do so undetected by others. Our simpering looks and respectable frontages conceal and camouflage the malevolence of our hearts. There is One in Heaven, however, from whom we cannot hide nor deceive. He sees everything, and will not rest till each offender is apprehended, tried and judged.

Thank God, the Christian’s sin is already atoned for; honest repentance and application of Christ’s sacrifice means we need not hide from the celestial law enforcement.