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Where Is He?

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“Humanism was not invented by man, but by a snake who suggested that the quest for autonomy might be a good idea.”

RC Sproul

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Our new Fruit of the Spirit noticeboard asks a very challenging question:


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Tonight I went to visit an elderly (90+) Christian lady in hospital. She has served the Lord faithfully for seventy years. Now she is all skin and bone and in much pain. She leaned her head against mine while we whispered encouragement to each other. 
Ecclesiastes 12 says
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Planting a bomb at a concert aimed at primary school girls brings terrorism to a new low, if such were possible. The bomber carefully filled his pockets with nuts and bolts that many more soft bodies might be penetrated beyond his actual blast's radius. Perhaps he anticipated the screams and sobs as he carefully prepared for his last earthy act. 
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Early this morning, I lay back in the bath for a few moments, to let the warm water ease my aching limbs. Looking through the bathroom window, beyond the taps and the toothbrushes, I could see May sunshine and blue sky, with a few wisps of white cloud: one fine morning. Time slips away.

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It was great to be joined by some of the young people from Crown Lane and Westhouse this morning. They led, testified and sang, and God's people were much blessed.

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The Church of Scotland is moving closer this week to endorsing same sex marriage, or 'equal marriage', as liberals prefer to call it. 

Reverend Scott Rennie, who supports equal marriage, said: "Loving marriages, whether they are gay or straight, can make for a good and happy life. Christ's love for us, his people, is reflected in loving relationships. Marriage is something to be celebrated. I look forward to the day when I am able to conduct weddings for all couples, gay or straight, in the name of God."

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