Pope Paul III's Bedroom

It's not often that one visits a papal bedroom, unless one is a medieval courtesan. This is Pope Paul III's and it is located within the Vatican fortress of Sant'Angelo. Paul was a typical renaissance pontiff: he had several illegitimate children whom he created dukes and cardinals. He also convened the infamous Council of Trent in 1545 which, while stopping several medieval abuses, formally condemned protestants to hell. 

The one thing to his credit was the bull Sublimus Dei which stated "the Indians were human beings and they were not to be robbed of their freedom or possessions". Indians here are the natives of the Americas, whose continents were then being explored and conquered. This was a radical statement for the sixteenth century, affording 'pagans' human rights. Before we laud him too much, however, it's worth knowing that he lifted restrictions previously placed on the Roman slave markets, as well as making it harder for slaves to obtain their freedom. 

Like most corrupt rulers, his lair is pleasant enough.