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Posted 19 hours 9 min ago

Sin is the strength of Death, and the death of strength. 

- Thomas Adams.

Posted 23 hours 20 min ago

Trans-rights activists based at prestigious Goldmiths, University of London, think that people who disagree with them should go to gulags. I guess that’s people like me. When challenged, the group’s Twitter account replied that a gulag was an ‘appropriate’ place to send ‘bigots’, and that such establishments were ‘non-violent’ and ‘compassionate’ places of re-education.

Posted 2 days 2 hours ago

Look what I have just received in my inbox, along with an attached file:

How's it going?
My name is Shona and I'm interested in a job.
I've attached a copy of my CV.
The password is "1234"
Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Shona has written twice now. She sure wants that job. I wonder what’s on her CV...

Posted 3 days 2 hours ago

Today, the prison warders are nervous. They have increased their patrols and jangle their keys with particular menace. There’s talk of a planned prison breakout, but the governor is having none of it. Oh, it’s quiet enough to the untrained eye. The jail ticks along as it always has, the inmates go about their business, some working, others eating and drinking. Some have been imprisoned so long, they can’t imagine freedom. Indeed, they barely need their doors locking at night. But the guards are still anxious. In the past, large scale breakouts have occurred, and the governor was furious.

Posted 4 days 2 hours ago

Earlier in the summer, I caught the train from Gargrave, my nearest station on the Lancaster line. Waiting there also was a colleague from work, who lives not far from me. She was off to have her hair cut. Before I suggested that it seemed a long way to go, she pre-empted my objection as the very words were formulating in my head, by explaining that good stylists are hard to find. When one is finally located, she said, the long journey is worth it. I’m guessing the scenic route also helped transform a mundane chore into a day out. 

Posted 5 days 2 hours ago

I finally got to meet him. As anticipated, he peed on my floor. When I good-humouredly tapped his bottom with a toy, he ran to my rear and nipped my own. As I played with him, his sharp little teeth found their way into my hands and sleeves. Who was my energetic house guest? Tom, my aunt and uncle’s new puppy. All that chasing around, sniffing every object and attempting to eat every floral pattern in the carpet soon exhausted him, and he fell asleep in my arms.

Posted 6 days 2 hours ago

I visited Orton Parish Church last month, a lovely old building inside which is a wooden cross. Upon this visitors and parishioners might place their prayer requests. A similar object was once briefly employed at Salem, but I found it expedient to remove it. Some requests were charmingly naïve:

Posted 1 week 1 hour ago

This blogger is not Archbishop Welby’s greatest fan. I try to admire the country’s most prominent Christian, but time and time again he gullibly provides large targets at which his detractors may take aim. If the Press pilloried him for the gospel of grace, I’d leap to his defence. It never does. 

Posted 1 week 17 hours ago

Well, did you manage to guess what I was doing? (See yesterday’s “Puzzling Pictures: The View From Above.”) It’s easy enough to work it out, if you’ve ever lived in an old terrace house with a bay window. Yes, I was up a ladder, cleaning out the troughing.

Posted 1 week 23 hours ago

I spoke at the Lund Youth Meeting last night. Despite the open windows and doors, the rooms became incredibly hot as they filled with 60-plus youthful bodies. They sang songs I mainly didn’t know, which is good, and seemed to appreciate the message. I spoke on the first half dozen verses of Psalm 37:

1 Do not fret because of evildoers,

Nor be envious of the workers of iniquity.

2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass,

And wither as the green herb.