Roger Carswell

A number of folk came to me over the weekend to say how interesting and thought-provoking Roger Carswell's sermon had been. Of course when one preaches the gospel, this is the reaction one ought I be expect. Yet how many times have we been to special events and the message was badly presented: too long, or too dull, or too serious, or too comical. Roger got it spot on.  

He has his own website: and has authored many Christian books. Rather than write up a brief biography of him here, you might find it easier to just type his name into Google; he comes up straight away. 
My best memory of him was 16 years ago when he would come round to our student digs in Leeds every Friday night and lead a Bible study. I knew it was good at the time, but with hindsight it was pure gold. What a privilege. 
You our can hear his message here: . It begins with a Bible reading by a local Councillor.