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I was interested to read of the first ever Gospel Bayfest: The Morecambe Bay Festival of Gospel Music. ‘Top gospel artists from the UK’ will feature. According to the website, these include the Aryton Brothers, whose music I love, and Roger Carswell. I’m unable to vouch for Roger’s singing, but he’s no stranger to Martin Top, and is a wonderfully clear and engaging preacher. The others I’ve not heard of, but I have no reason to doubt that the festival-goers of Morecambe are in for a treat.

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Christendom is awash with new songs. Some churches that I visit sing songs I’ve never heard of. Most of them are rubbish and will fade away without notice. Some songs have good words but their complicated, high-pitched tunes don’t support them. They’re okay if you enjoy a worship group performing to you, but it’s hard to sing them as a congregation. Others have good tunes, but the words are nought but froth and bubble. From this, one might be tempted to seek refuge purely in older hymns that have withstood time’s test.

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The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) is having a vote this Friday to decide whether or not to campaign in favour of removing all legal restrictions on abortion. This would mean making abortion legal up to 7 months in pregnancy, and possibly, depending on how the law is interpreted, making abortion legal up until birth. Greg Jackson has emailed me saying:

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I attended a meeting at Holden Chapel last night. It was led by some spiritually-minded young people (using this phrase automatically renders one middle aged) from Crown Lane who prayed, read scripture, preached, sang and testified. The good folk of Holden then filled our bellies with the usual pastries and puddings. Both spiritually and physically, we went home full.

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I have previously suffered from the dishonesty of postmen. I once bought an item, signed to say I had received it, only to find out that an employee of the Royal Mail had cut a slit in the envelope, removed the item, and closed it up again. I had signed, so I stood the loss. In Court, if someone swears before a Bench that several official communications were lost in the post, defendants are generally believed, as lost letters seem to be an everyday occurrence.

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Like an attractive woman walking through a building site, or an old man passing by a duckpond eating a cheese sandwich, so pastors have the uncanny ability of attracting unwelcome attention. Indeed, they are magnets for cranks and crackpots.

For the third time now, a ‘prophet’ has shared with me the benefit of his hotline to heaven. Here’s a taste, which I quote verbatim:

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'Believe in yourself'.

This is one of the great clichés of our time. Motivational speeches, seminars, books and sermons all encourage people to ‘believe in themselves’. They are not urging people to realise their own existence, but rather to firmly accept and become convinced by their abilities and ambitions.