Spiritual Career Path

Tonight I attended a careers fair. Teenagers could visit stalls manned by doctors, lawyers, vets, teachers, engineers, soldiers, police and businessmen. Universities and employers were in attendance. The various 'stall-holders' would offer advice about what the job entailed and how to achieve it. What we choose to do for a living is important. It pays our bills and offers us status and enjoyment, if we're lucky. 
How though do I develop my spiritual career? How do I become a Man of God, a soldier of Christ, a faithful servant?
Philippians 2:12 says Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed--not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence--continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Working out is not the same as working for. Salvation cannot be worked for or earned; it's not for sale. And if it were, it would be well beyond our means to pay. No, I believe Paul is telling us to work it through, to draw our saved status to its logical  conclusion: if we are saved, let's live like we're saved. Let's grow in grace, let's become more like Him. In his commentary on this verse Matthew Henry writes:

The children of God should differ from the sons of men. The more perverse others are, the more careful we should be to keep ourselves blameless and harmless. The doctrine and example of consistent believers will enlighten others, and direct their way to Christ and holiness, even as the light-house warns mariners to avoid rocks, and directs their course into the harbour. Let us try thus to shine. The gospel is the word of life, it makes known to us eternal life through Jesus Christ. Running, denotes earnestness and vigour, continual pressing forward; labouring, denotes constancy, and close application. It is the will of God that believers should be much in rejoicing; and those who are so happy as to have good ministers, have great reason to rejoice with them.

Many a teenager doesn't know what to do when he or she is older. Some really give it little thought. As a Christian, set your heart on your spiritual career, for one day, we shall be promoted.