Texting the Wrong Person

Yesterday morning, I received a text message from a male colleague in his fifties:

Good morning and thanks for last night. Sorry if I was too quiet…if you get chance would you collect some white spirit for me? Thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love u xxxxxxx

I replied instantly, thanking him for his love and best wishes, but suggesting I wasn’t in a position to nip to the paint shop.

He apologised immediately explaining to me what I had already guessed. There is any number of recipients in his phone’s Contacts and the wrong one was selected. We’ve all done it, and then dug our way out of the hole as quickly as possible.

When Christians pray, they should be mindful that there are many supposed deities and ‘gods’ lodged in humanity’s address book who would hear our prayers. Some might even deign to try and answer them, that our souls might be better ensnared. Address your prayers to the Lord using biblical salutations, such as Heavenly Father or Lord God, and channel them through that powerfully protected and secure channel- the name of Jesus.