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Female Colleague: Did you have a good weekend?

Me: I spent most of my time in fabric shops.

FC: What were you looking for?

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In 1869, French artist Gustave Doré, along with the British journalist Blanchard Jerrold, produced a landmark account of the deprivation and squalor of mid-Victorian London. Doré’s sketches, using dramatic variations in light, famously showed the cramped places that the poor had to inhabit, among the noisy and polluting railways and factories.

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In this country, it's still unusual to see a clergyman arrested and taken to court. Rev Dan Woodhouse was, back in October. He allegedly broke into the BAE site at Warton in Lancashire in order to disarm jets. Rev Woodhouse was troubled by events in Yeman, and evidently thought that damaging the fighter planes was making a stand for those suffering in the war. A video of him on the BBC website shows him saying that he did a fine thing. 
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Let’s go back to last Saturday’s entry, and take another look at that list. 

Out of those thirty-two things that a man ought to know how to do, I can claim a total of twenty-nine. The things that I don’t know how to do are as follows: treat frostbite, perform the Heimlich manoeuvre, and whistle with my fingers.