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I have commissioned a new portrait of Oliver Cromwell; I instructed the artist to depict him as he saw fit. The moustache gives him a slightly hard, resentful look, which is not inconsistent with many of his thoughts:

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Remember me, O my God, for good!

- Nehemiah 13:31b

Tonight, I finished preaching through Nehemiah. It’s a tough book in places, but contains much spiritual nourishment. Its final chapter is probably the last section of the Old Testament to have been written; books of the Bible are not in strict chronological order. The above words are therefore the final Spirit-inspired utterances prior to the birth of John the Baptist.

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This evening we were joined by Roger Carswell. He’s always very encouraging. He is speaking at Netherside Hall next weekend and a number of us plan to go up; anyone wishing to join us may get in touch. Its webpage is here:

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Today’s we had the Spring Effort. This is an annual event going back decades at which the Craft Group sell their wares, as well as the traditional cake and plant stalls. Christian books were sold and evangelistic literature given away. I gave a quick message at the start, reading from Revelation 21 with its description of heaven as the New Jerusalem. 

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On my recent travels through the Ribble Valley I came across the base of a medieval cross at Great Mitton. Two questions I might ask are:

Why was it erected?

Posted 5 days 10 hours ago
The National Secular Society is upset because Buckfast Abbey in Devon has an income of nearly £9 million. It enjoys charitable status, though most of the money comes from the monks' endeavours in the brewing realm. I'm a fan of neither monks not ale, but the secularists' tedious crusade against any and all religious groups would have me leap to their defence. According to the local press website,, the Society has 'now called on the Charity Commission to remove the charitable status.
Posted 5 days 10 hours ago
MPs are falling over each other, each scrambling to take hold of the bandwagon's reigns. Tim Farron MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, a supposed evangelical Christian, once apparently had traditional views on marriage. Self-appointed parliamentary LGBT champion Nigel Evans, Salem's own MP, has been challenging Farron in the Commons to pronounce whether 'being gay' is 'sinful'. Why Mr Evans is seeking windows into men's souls, I know not. Why he believes the Commons is the correct venue for theological declarations is also beyond me.
Posted 5 days 21 hours ago

Yesterday I visited Cockerham sands, a barren, wild place upon which once stood the medieval Cockersands Abbey. It’s now ruinous and mostly disappeared. The strong winds carrying the salty sea spray batter the coast mercilessly. One wonders if the good monks reckoned Thomas Cromwell had done them a huge favour.