Tim Farron and Nigel Evans: Jostling to steer the Bandwagon

MPs are falling over each other, each scrambling to take hold of the bandwagon's reigns. Tim Farron MP, leader of the Liberal Democrats, a supposed evangelical Christian, once apparently had traditional views on marriage. Self-appointed parliamentary LGBT champion Nigel Evans, Salem's own MP, has been challenging Farron in the Commons to pronounce whether 'being gay' is 'sinful'. Why Mr Evans is seeking windows into men's souls, I know not. Why he believes the Commons is the correct venue for theological declarations is also beyond me.
Media luvvies have also been plying the pressure. Comedian David Walliams tweeted "Mr @timfarron you are definitely a sinner for your continued intolerance & prejudice. Please try and join the rest of us in the year 2017." 'Intolerance' and 'prejudice', the two unforgivable crimes of our age. Sadly, little Farron buckled under the pressure. He said he was "passionate about equality, about equal marriage and about equal rights for LGBT people". Wouldn't it have been refreshing if he'd said "look, I don't support same sex marriage, I must follow my conscience. I believe gay people should be respected, but my faith is too important to compromise. I can still be a great MP.' But no, it was too much to ask. 
I know this question is very Daily-Mail-esque, but does Nigel Evans demand similar answers from Parliament's 13 Muslim MPs? No, I thought not. 

Perhaps after this General Election, we shall have more MPs who are willing to think for themselves and stick to their guns, instead of submitting to Mr Evans and his intolerance police.