Tim Farron, Blown by the Wind

The farce surrounding Tim Farron continues. The Liberal leader has today declared that "gay sex is not a sin". Most politicians have believed this for twenty years, but little Farron claims to be an evangelical Christian. One of his own former MPs anonymously told the BBC:
"He needs to be honest about his Christian convictions, instead of trying to be too much like a politician about it. There are those of his faith and others that would agree with him, that it is a sin. He should say it. At least that would have the benefit of him being honest."
Indeed. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn, who is a man of principle (nuclear weapons, grammar schools), Farron evades his difficult questions, eventually capitulating to received wisdom. 
Many of us have prayed for Christian leaders to rise up and make a stand in Parliament. Instead, we've got Tim Farron. He's like a weather vane, blowing whichever way the prevailing wind turns him.